Stunning arrangements designed with natural flowers

Ivy Florals & Co is a boutique floral studio based in Sydney owned and operated by floral designer Ivy Kim, an incredibly talented and experienced florist. We have always loved and been inspired by nature, its untamed romance and raw beauty. 

Our passion for floral design comes from being able to use the textures, shapes and colours to create amazing arrangements that are used at weddings or special events in Sydney, the Southern Highlands, Hunter Valley and beyond.

Colourful guest table floral arrangement at Athol Hall

“I love the wind, trees, flowers and nature.

I love receiving healing through experiencing nature.

I have chosen to express the inspirations I receive through my closeness to nature and flowers.

I have pride and satisfaction in expressing these inspirations to make someone else's important day special."

A floral creator

Ivy Floral and Co Wedding Florist Sydney for guest table flower arrangements

What we love the most is that no two flower arrangements are the same, each one is unique because it will have a different mix of flowers, different shapes, tones and colours – just like nature.  

We have been working with flowers for more than seven year and first started in 2016.  At the heart of our passion lies a world of petals, where we love to craft dreams and weave nature’s beauty into unforgettable arrangements that will become a part of your special moments, something you look back on for many years to come. 

Beautiful designs

Wedding ceremony floral arrangement at stunning Centennial Vineyards

We are not just a general florist; we are floral designers who help you create cherished memories using beautiful fresh flowers. We only specialise in creating awe-inspiring fresh wedding flower creations and crafting breathtaking floral arrangements for any type of major life event.

Imagine a canvas of emotions painted with roses, drenched in the hues of love and romance. Our skilled hands can mould delicate blooms like these (or other types of flowers) into a symphony of love that dances with elegance and grace for you and your guests to enjoy.

From idea to reality

Ivy Floral and Co Wedding Florist Sydney baby breath bouquets

It doesn’t stop at roses though. we are floral artisans that can bring visions and ideas together the poetry of peonies, the drama of dahlias, or the exuberance of orchids to craft unique flower arrangements that transcend the ordinary, will set tongues wagging & make your friends drool with Insta-worthy photos. 

With a palette of colours, textures, and fragrances at our disposal, we can weave stories using floral arrangements that captivate the senses and spark joy within anyone who sees them at your wedding or major event.

Handcrafted details

Outdoor wedding ceremony arbour floral Sydney Botanic Gardens

Every petal, and every stem is a thread in our tapestry of artistry, each piece is handcrafted, unique in every way.. We take pride in being a trusted partner for so many people, helping to create unforgettable moments in their lives using flowers.

From intimate weddings to grand galas, we infuse our floral creations with a mix of your requested style and vision together with our creative design to ensure that each arrangement tells your story in a way that words alone cannot.


Hanging flower arrangement reception installation at Deckhouse Woolwich

We love helping people to step into our world, where we don’t just design flowers or provide a price list of flower arrangement packages, we help you craft enchanting ideas. 

Whether it’s a romantic bouquet, an extravagant centrepiece, or a whimsical garland, a beautiful flower arch or incredible table arrangements, we take your imagination and literally ‘bloom’ it into life.