Event florist in Sydney

Stunning arrangements designed with natural flowers

In Sydney, where the city’s heartbeat meets the whimsy of nature, Ivy Floral and Co welcomes you to an enchanting world of floral fantasies. Our passion? Weaving sensuous stories through the artistry of flowers, making your event a captivating chapter in your own love story. 

We are an event florist that services Sydney, Southern Highlands, Hunter Valley and beyond with natural, fresh, flowers to decorate a room, function venue or home. 

Event florist in Sydney
Ivy Floral and Co Wedding Florist Sydney for guest table flower arrangement with candles
Ivy floral designer for Weddings and Events in Sydney

flower arrangements for events in Sydney

Choose any flower or colour palette you like and we can create beautiful arrangements to suit.

Let us transform your event into an unforgettable symphony using fresh flowers, where every bloom tells a story of individuality.

Ivy Floral and Co is a trusted independent event florist in Sydney, dedicated to handcrafting fresh, stunning arrangements that leave you and your guests breathless. 

With us by your side, your event is destined to be a floral masterpiece, no matter the size or season.

Floral designs
for an event

At Ivy Floral and Co, we're not just flower enthusiasts; we're floral aficionados.

Our secret ingredient?

An intoxicating blend of flower varieties that sets the stage for your unforgettable wedding.

From the sultry embrace of deep red roses to the flirtatious charm of delicate peonies, we curate a symphony of blooms that exudes your unique style and taste.

Your choice of
floral colours

Colour speaks the language of desire, and we're fluent in the art of seduction through shades.

Whether you crave the fiery passion of crimson, the sweet surrender of blush, or the enigmatic allure of midnight hues, we're here to paint your wedding with the colours of your dreams.

Attractive floral centrepieces

Our centrepieces aren't just table decorations; they're conversation starters.

Picture your guests lost in the charm of lush, wildflower-filled jars or the romantic glow of candlelight arrangements.

Our designs ensure that every glance, every touch, is an invitation to explore the world of romance.

Event flowers
for any season

Just as love evolves through seasons, so do our floral creations.

Picture a springtime affair adorned with pastel hydrangeas and cherry blossoms, a summery soiree brought to life with sunflowers and dahlias, a cozy autumnal celebration kissed by rich, earthy hues, or a winter wonderland illuminated by frosted eucalyptus and amaryllis.

Our designs are inspired by the ever-changing beauty of Sydney's seasons.

Bouquets or
table arrangements

Our bouquets are like love letters, whispered between petals.

From classic cascading bouquets that exude timeless elegance to whimsical hand-tied posies that radiate bohemian allure, we craft them all.

Each bouquet, a piece of artistry that becomes an extension of your personality

Every detail
customised for you

Your wedding day is as unique as your love story, and we're here to ensure it's one-of-a-kind.

At Ivy Floral and Co, we work closely with you to capture your vision, infusing it with our artistic flair to create a floral symphony that leaves you and your guests enchanted.
Hanging flower arrangement reception installation at Deckhouse Woolwich

Floral arrangements
for any event

From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our versatile floral designs set the stage for all event types. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a small or a lavish soirée, we specialise in creating event flower arrangements that are as unique as your story whether it is personal or business. 

Our expertise spans a vast range of event sizes, from small and intimate ceremonies to medium-sized gatherings and grand affairs.

Modern floral centerpiece, minimal & simple design

Every arrangement,
a work of floral art

Our hands are your creative canvas, and we breathe life into your vision using an array of exquisite flowers. 

From the timeless allure of roses to the fragrant charm of peonies, the whimsy of wildflowers, or the exotic elegance of orchids, we work with a kaleidoscope of botanical wonders.

Wedding ceremony floral arrangement at stunning Centennial Vineyards

Flower arrangements
for any season

Sydney’s climate offers an ever-changing backdrop, and we know how to capture each season’s beauty in our designs. 

Be it the vibrant blooms of spring, the sun-kissed colours of summer, the warm earthy tones of autumn, or the cool elegance of winter, we create floral arrangements that harmonise with the season and your chosen venue.

See some of our love letters

"Had my florals done by Ivy for my wedding in Sydney, and she was the perfect florist and the wedding planner I needed!

The options that she gave, and the guidance she gave was such a variety and support.

Would highly highly recommend for not just wedding but other events floristry as well"
Ivy Floral is amazing! The planning and the wedding was super smooth and very creative flower arrangements.

Exactly what we were hoping for. She makes dreams come true. 100% recommend.

You won’t regret. Above and beyond our expectations. Ivy makes it happen!
Ivy, we can’t thank you again for the breathtaking floral arrangements you created for our Wedding day.

Your talent and creativity truly exceeded our expectations, and we are still in awe of the magical atmosphere you helped us create.

Every bloom, every arrangement, and every detail reflected the passion and dedication you put into your work.

Flowers for any size of event in Sydney.

Step into our world of floral enchantment, where every bloom tells a story of passion and love. Ivy Floral and Co isn’t just a event florist in Sydney; it’s the setting where your wedding dreams become an irresistible tale of romance. 

Join us in weaving a floral story that reads like the most captivating and seductive novel you’ve ever known whether that is an intimate event or a huge gathering with more than two hundred guests. We can scale and customise your event flower arrangement package to suit your theme, wedding size and location.

We can create arrangements that can be used in an office, function centre, outdoors or for an event venue so that each location tells a story & has a flower theme that suits your occasion.

Flower arrangements we can create for an event in Sydney.

Our artisan florists, with their deft hands and refined sensibilities, curate floral masterpieces that speak volumes of our commitment to beauty and excellence. We understand the language of flowers and translate it into arrangements that resonate with the theme and essence of your event. Our expertise extends to a diverse array of occasions:

  • Corporate Functions: Let our florals imbue your corporate events with a sense of prestige and professionalism. From grand-scale conferences to intimate business dinners, our arrangements are tailored to reflect the corporate ethos and the significance of the occasion.
  • Celebratory Galas: Mark milestones and celebrate achievements with our signature floral designs. Our arrangements add a touch of grandeur to gala dinners, award ceremonies, and anniversary celebrations.
  • Charity Events: Lend a note of sophistication and heartfelt warmth to your fundraisers and charity balls. Our flowers are selected to honor the spirit of giving and communal support inherent in these gatherings.
  • Cultural Festivals: Embrace Sydney’s rich cultural tapestry with flowers that reflect the heritage and traditions of your festival. From Lunar New Year to Diwali, our florals are a tribute to diversity and inclusion.
  • Public Expositions: Attract attention and create inviting spaces with floral installations that stand as works of art, enhancing the visual appeal of trade shows, art exhibitions, and public displays.
  • Private Soirees: Elevate your private gatherings with floral compositions that transform spaces into realms of luxury and exclusivity, setting the perfect tone for an evening of social delights.

What is the process to get event flowers in Sydney?

We have a really simple five step process that makes buying and booking event flowers in Sydney a really quick and easy process.
  1. Fill out enquiry form on our website
  2. Confirm our quotation and secure your event date with a 10% non-refundable booking deposit
  3. You can make minor changes up to 4 weeks before the event, however no more than 10% of the floral total
  4. Your final payment is due 4 weeks prior to the wedding date.
  5. Your big day! Sit down and relax. Ivy floral & Co, will make your dream event a reality from early in the morning until the pack down for the night.

What is the cost of getting event flowers in Sydney?

The cost to get event flowers in Sydney will vary greatly depending on the types of flowers chosen, the volume or quantity of arrangements being created, the type of installations needed and seasonality. 

Generally speaking you need to set a budget of between 15% and 20% of the total budget for your wedding to be allocated to flowers. This is the average % allocated which works out to be between $5,000 and $7,000 for each wedding in Sydney on average. To get a quotation from a florist to get wedding flowers in Sydney you have to consider these items;


  1. Types of Flowers: The choice of flowers significantly affects the cost. Some flowers are more expensive due to their rarity or seasonality, while others are more budget-friendly. If you opt for exotic or out-of-season blooms, expect to pay more.

  2. Seasonality: Seasonal flowers are often more affordable and readily available. If you select flowers that are in-season in Sydney at the time of your wedding, you may save on costs.

  3. Floral Quantity: The number of floral arrangements needed for your ceremony and reception spaces will impact the cost. Consider where you want flowers, such as bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, altar decor, and reception center pieces.

  4. Additional Decor Elements: If you want to include additional decor elements like candles, vases, or decorative elements within the floral arrangements, these can add to the overall cost.

  5. Geographic Location: Wedding costs can vary within different parts of Sydney, so where your wedding takes place may also influence the overall cost.

To get an accurate estimate for your specific wedding, it’s essential to consult with a florists in Sydney to share your vision, preferences, and budget with them during consultations, and they can provide you with a more precise quote based on your unique requirements. Be sure to ask about any potential additional costs, such as taxes, delivery fees, and setup charges, to avoid any surprises in your floral budget.

Frequently asked questions about buying wedding flowers in Sydney

The way we handle unexpected changes in flower availability is very simple;

  • Step 1 – we don’t panic.
  • Step 2 – we work out if something similar is available that can suit the colour, texture and style of the theme.
  • Step 3 – we will redesign the arrangements using suitable alternative flowers because they are very sensitive to changes in the seasonal periods or even supply or demand.

We provide rental for flower vases, containers, frames and other items as a rental option according to the overall theme and colour concept of your booking.

You can incorporate your wedding theme into the floral design by sharing all the inspiration you desire for your wedding day in terms of colours, textures, styles and ‘looks’. Leave the rest of the creative design to us as we can then use flowers to compliment your wedding theme very easily.

Yes we are experienced working with Sydney’s most popular wedding venues for set up indoors or outdoors including venues that are outside of Sydney as well.

We can design flower installations, such as flower walls, arches and hanging arrangements to create huge ‘wow’ impact. Our huge arches, backdrops, and ceiling floral installations have been used hundreds of times to create incredible wedding ceremony and reception locations, it is one of Ivy Floral & Co’s most enjoyable and expert areas of floral design.

Since each unique wedding depends on its guest size, design & concept, it is suggested that 15-20% of the total wedding budget should be set up as a flower budget when budgeting.