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We can design beautiful floral arrangements

At Ivy Floral and Co, we believe that flowers have the power to transform any occasion into a memorable and enchanting experience. 

We are a passionate team of floral designers in Sydney that puts art at the heart of every flower we use, and we take immense pride in curating breathtaking arrangements using only the finest natural flowers.

With a legacy rooted in creativity and a commitment to excellence, we bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to weddings and events across Sydney, the Southern Highlands, Hunter Valley and beyond with natural, fresh, flowers to decorate a room, ceremony, function venue or home.  

Every petal, every bloom, and every arrangement is meticulously designed to reflect your unique style and vision.

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“I love the wind, trees, flowers and nature.

I have pride and satisfaction in expressing these inspirations to make someone else's important day special."

If you are beginning your search for a wedding florist in Sydney, our team of dedicated floral designers are artisans who combine timeless traditions with contemporary trends to craft exquisite floral masterpieces. 

We are skilled at capturing the essence of your wedding day. Whether you’re planning an intimate micro wedding gathering or a grand celebration with hundreds of wedding guests, our floral designs will elevate the ambiance and leave a lasting impression.

Discover the beauty of nature’s finest creations with our floral designs. Let us make your wedding a memorable occasion. Contact us today to begin your floral journey. 

Your dream event starts with the perfect bouquet.

In Sydney we craft floral artistry that transforms events into timeless moments. Our devotion to nature’s beauty is reflected in every handpicked bloom. With a blend of classic finesse and contemporary flair, our floral arrangements are designed to add an exquisite touch to your special event – birthday party, anniversary, corporate function or something else.

Discover the enchantment of authentic, natural flowers and let us weave their magic into your celebration. 

Contact us today to make your event truly unforgettable.


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We love helping people to step into our world, where we don’t just design flowers or provide a price list of flower arrangement packages, we help you craft enchanting ideas. 

Whether it’s a romantic bouquet, an extravagant centrepiece, or a whimsical garland, a beautiful flower arch or incredible table arrangements, we take your imagination and literally ‘bloom’ it into life by designing flower arrangements for weddings or events anywhere Sydney, the Southerland Highlands or the Hunter Valley region.

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A floral designer is like an artist in the world of flowers. They don’t just arrange flowers; they use their deep understanding of design, colour, and the emotional impact of flowers to create unique, often breathtaking compositions. Imagine them as designers who specialise in using flowers as their medium, often for special events or specific themes. 

This is different from your everyday florist, who might focus more on standard arrangements for general purposes like bouquets for birthdays or anniversaries. 

While florists provide a wonderful service with a wide range of beautiful flowers, a floral designer offers a more customised, creative approach, tailoring their designs to fit the specific aesthetic or emotional tone of an event like a wedding or an individual request.

Can a floral designer come up with flower arrangement ideas?

Working with a floral designer

Choosing the perfect flower arrangements for your special event can seem daunting, especially given the myriad of options and details to consider. However, collaborating with a skilled floral designer can transform this potentially overwhelming task into an easy, stress-free, and even enjoyable part of your event planning. A professional floral designer brings not only their expertise in floristry but also a creative vision that can elevate your event to new heights of beauty and elegance.


Making decisions easy

The foremost advantage of working with a floral designer lies in their ability to understand and interpret your vision. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want or just a vague notion, a good designer can translate your thoughts and preferences into tangible floral creations that perfectly suit your event’s theme and tone. They take into consideration factors like the venue, season, colour scheme, and personal style, ensuring that the floral arrangements are in harmony with every aspect of your event.


Selecting flowers

Floral designers are also adept at navigating the complexities of flower selection. They are knowledgeable about seasonal availability, which is crucial for ensuring not only the best quality and value but also sustainability in your floral choices. Their expertise extends to understanding the longevity and durability of different blooms, an important consideration for events spanning several hours or even multiple days.


Creating new ideas

A floral designer can offer innovative and unique ideas that you might not have considered. Drawing on their experience and knowledge of current trends, they can suggest a variety of flowers and designs, from classic and elegant to modern and avant-garde. They can introduce you to a world of possibilities that go beyond traditional choices, incorporating exotic flowers, unique textures, and creative arrangements that truly make your event stand out.


Dealing with logistics

The logistical aspect of event floristry is another area where a floral designer’s expertise is invaluable. They handle all the details of ordering, transportation, and setup, ensuring that every bouquet, centrepiece, and floral installation is perfectly in place. This logistical support is crucial in making the process hassle-free for you.


Working with a floral designer is not just about ordering flower arrangements; it’s about crafting an overall aesthetic experience tailored to your event. Their artistic vision, combined with practical know-how, ensures that the floral aspect of your event is not just stress-free but also a highlight that reflects your personal style and enhances the overall ambiance. 

With a professional floral designer, you can relax and look forward to an event adorned with beautiful, well-thought-out floral arrangements that capture the essence of your celebration.