Patricia & Grant wedding flowers at Redleaf Wollombi, Hunter Valley

Beautiful white white, blush, pale pink, soft yellow wedding flowers at Redleaf Wollombi including seasonal fruit. View our arrangements

A floral designer that creates natural flower arrangements for weddings and events.

Bride walking with groom in Hunters Hill
Bride walking with groom in Hunters Hill

Wedding flower arrangements at Redleaf Wollombi, Hunter Valley

Client Name:
Patricia & Grant


Our floral design brief:
Private lux wedding / Tuscany


Redleaf Wollombi, Hunter Valley


Number of guests:


Approximate Floral Budget:
$7,000 – $10,000


The flower arrangements we created

  • Bridal flowers
  • Bouquet
  • Bridesmaid bouquets
  • Button holes.
  • Arch
  • Tossing petals
  • Bridal table flower arrangement
  • Guest table centrepieces
  • Bar table flowers


The types of flowers used:

  • Seasonal flowers mixed with fruit arrangements.



Colour palette for these wedding flowers:

  • White, blush, pale pink, soft yellow with green.

Wedding flowers with a white blush, pale pink & soft yellow colour palette

Patricia and Grant wanted to create a very private, lux wedding, that had a Tuscany feel to it with a table floral design that included seasonal fruits and flowers. We wedding flower arrangements we designed for Redleaf Wollombi included midcentury-style vases with candles combined with fresh flowers with lovely accents. 

Even though we are a wedding florist that is based in Sydney we prepared and constructed all of the arrangements and then travelled to the Hunter Valley to deliver, set up and install each individual arrangement including the bridal flowers, bouquets, button holes, tossing petals as well as the guest & bridal table flower arrangements. 

So yes, you can use a wedding florist in Sydney who can deliver flowers to the Hunter Valley for a wedding.

Opting for a wedding floral palette that gracefully melds white blush, pale pink, and soft yellow hues is a truly splendid choice, evoking an air of delicate romance and subtle sophistication. White blush, the epitome of purity and simplicity, sets a serene and classic backdrop, allowing the gentle infusion of pale pink to introduce a whisper of tender warmth and affection. 

This combination symbolises the blossoming of love and the soft beginnings of a lifelong journey. Complementing these with soft yellow accents adds a hint of joyful vibrancy, reminiscent of the first light of dawn, bringing a sense of new beginnings and happiness. Together, these colours create a harmonious blend that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant, perfectly encapsulating the essence of a joyous and elegant wedding celebration.

To create a wedding bouquet or floral arrangement with a harmonious blend of white blush, pale pink, and soft yellow, you might consider the following flowers:

White Blush:

  • Peonies: Known for their lush, full blooms, white peonies can add a luxurious feel.
  • Roses: White blush roses are a classic choice, embodying elegance and purity.
  • Lisianthus: These delicate flowers offer a lighter touch with their gentle, ruffled petals.


Pale Pink:

  • Cherry Blossom: Perfect for a spring wedding, cherry blossoms provide a soft, dreamy pink hue.
  • Ranunculus: These flowers are ideal for adding texture and depth with their layered petals.
  • Sweet Peas: Their small, delicate flowers offer a subtle hint of pink and a lovely fragrance.


Soft Yellow:

  • Yellow Freesias: Bright yet soft, these flowers add a touch of cheerfulness and a sweet aroma.
  • Buttercream Roses: Their soft yellow tones blend well with paler colours, adding a gentle warmth.
  • Chamomile: Small and dainty, chamomile can sprinkle in a light yellow touch amidst larger blooms.


When combined, these flowers can create a visually appealing and emotionally evocative palette. The key is to balance the colours and sizes of the blooms to achieve a cohesive and elegant look. The final arrangement would not only be a feast for the eyes but also a representation of love’s delicate and joyful journey.


Tuscan style wedding flower arrangements created by a floral designer

Engaging with a floral designer means you embark on a creative process where you share your ideas and wishes in terms of how you’d like your bouquet, ceremony and reception look like from a visual perspective. Once a floral designer understands your brief they can set about choosing the right flowers, styles of arrangements and colours to bring that to life.

There is a big difference between working with a local florist who might be able to source some flowers for you compared to a floral designer who will be able to custom design individual pieces that tell a story for all the different arrangements you will need. This can even include creating an arch, a unique ceiling arrangement or other customised ideas.

A floral designer can work in practically any type of venue whether that is a hotel, luxury mansion, villa or a dedicated destination wedding reception location. 

The venue

Redleaf Wollombi, Hunter Valley is a wonderful event venue to host your wedding ceremony and reception. It is a location that provides a wonderful backdrop and extraordinary flexibility with which to build your wedding or event including fresh flower arrangements as part of the decorating. You will typically get exclusive use of the property which means we can do floral styling in all of the areas available for you & your guests.

There is a villa with its beautiful accommodation (for the 12 house guests only), the stunning gardens, pool and extensive grounds. In addition, there is a building which used to be a restaurant surrounded by its own gardens and can comfortably hold 50 for either a seated or cocktail event. For larger weddings or events (max 200), a number of great options are available to establish marquees.


The theme

Creating a floral arrangement that evokes the essence of Tuscany, Italy, calls for a blend of rustic charm and Mediterranean elegance. Tuscan-inspired arrangements typically feature a warm, earthy palette and a mix of lush foliage and blooms that reflect the region’s natural beauty and traditional Italian aesthetics. 

If you are a bride trying to plan your wedding flowers then consider the following flowers and arrangement suggestions to complete the look:


  • Sunflowers: A quintessential symbol of Tuscany, sunflowers add a bold, joyful presence with their bright yellow petals and large, expressive faces.
  • Olive Branches: Olive trees are synonymous with the Tuscan landscape. Their silvery-green foliage adds texture and a touch of Mediterranean flair.
  • Lavender: Lavender’s purple hues and calming scent bring a sense of the Tuscan countryside’s charm.
  • Roses: Particularly in warm, earthy tones like terracotta, deep red, and soft peach, roses add a classic and romantic touch.
  • Dahlias: With their wide range of colours and full blooms, dahlias can add a luxurious feel.
  • Wildflowers: Incorporating wildflowers like poppies, thistles, and daisies can create a more relaxed, ‘wild’ look, reminiscent of Tuscan fields.


Types of Arrangements

  • Table Centrepieces: Rustic wooden boxes or terracotta pots filled with a mix of the above flowers can create charming centrepieces.
  • Hanging Arrangements: Utilise olive branches and lavender in hanging arrangements for a fragrant and visually stunning overhead display.
  • Garlands: Garlands of olive leaves, interspersed with small roses or lavender, can beautifully adorn tables or entryways.
  • Bouquets: A loosely tied bouquet featuring a mix of these flowers, with cascading greenery and sprigs of lavender, can capture the Tuscan spirit.
  • Ceremony Backdrops: Create a focal point with a lush floral arch or a backdrop featuring sunflowers, olive branches, and draped greenery.

Incorporating elements like terracotta, wood, and natural linens can enhance the Tuscan feel. The key is to balance the rustic, natural beauty of Tuscany with touches of elegance and romance, creating an atmosphere that transports your guests to the heart of the Italian countryside.


What makes the Hunter Valley a great place for Tuscan themed wedding?

The Hunter Valley in New South Wales is an exemplary choice for a wedding ceremony and reception due to its unique blend of natural beauty, world-class amenities, and tranquil atmosphere. Here are some key aspects that make it an ideal wedding destination:

  1. Stunning Natural Scenery: The Hunter Valley offers breathtaking landscapes, including rolling vineyards, picturesque hills, and pristine gardens. These settings provide a romantic and serene backdrop for both ceremonies and photographs.

  2. Exquisite Vineyards and Wineries: Renowned for its vineyards, the region allows couples to host their wedding in charming wineries, offering a sophisticated and unique experience. The vineyards not only provide a beautiful setting but also an opportunity to enjoy some of Australia’s finest wines.

  3. Variety of Venues: From rustic barns and historic homesteads to luxurious resorts and boutique hotels, the Hunter Valley caters to a range of preferences and themes. Whether you’re looking for an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, there’s a venue to suit every style.

  4. Exceptional Cuisine: The region is known for its culinary excellence, with a focus on fresh, local produce. Catering options are abundant, ensuring a memorable dining experience for you and your guests.

  5. Accommodation Options: With a plethora of accommodation choices ranging from cosy bed and breakfasts to upscale resorts, the Hunter Valley can comfortably host wedding parties and guests, making it convenient for multi-day celebrations.

  6. Tranquil Yet Accessible: While offering a peaceful and secluded ambiance, the Hunter Valley is conveniently located just a few hours’ drive from Sydney, making it easily accessible for both local and international guests.

  7. Experienced Wedding Suppliers: The region boasts a wealth of experienced wedding suppliers, including planners, florists, photographers, and entertainers, ensuring every aspect of your wedding is handled professionally.

  8. Year-Round Appeal: With its mild climate, the Hunter Valley is a fantastic wedding destination throughout the year, each season offering its own unique charm.

  9. Activities for Guests: Beyond the wedding, guests can enjoy wine tasting tours, hot air balloon rides, golfing, and exploring the local art galleries and boutiques, making it an enjoyable getaway for everyone.

  10. Romantic Atmosphere: Above all, the Hunter Valley exudes a romantic and relaxed vibe, essential for creating a memorable and loving wedding experience.

In essence, the Hunter Valley combines natural splendour, culinary delights, and a range of sophisticated venues with the convenience and expertise required for a seamless and enchanting wedding celebration. Watch the video below to get a feeling of this amazing venue that is perfect for wedding flowers.

What wedding flower themes are suitable for a ceremony in the Hunter Valley

Wedding flower themes and styles are pivotal in setting the tone and atmosphere for a wedding, offering a reflection of the couple’s personality and aesthetic preferences. From classic elegance to rustic charm, these themes encapsulate various moods and inspirations. Among the plethora of options available, certain themes stand out for their popularity and timeless appeal, including the enchanting Tuscan style. 

Below are the most commonly chosen wedding flower themes in the Hunter Valley

  • Classic and Traditional: This theme often features flowers like roses, lilies, and peonies in a palette of whites and creams, exuding timeless elegance. It’s chosen for its sophisticated simplicity and enduring appeal.

  • Rustic and Natural: Emphasising a more organic look, this style includes wildflowers, greenery, and earthy tones. It’s perfect for outdoor or barn weddings, giving a sense of relaxed, natural beauty.

  • Vintage and Romantic: Characterised by soft colours, antique hues, and opulent textures, this theme often incorporates flowers like garden roses, dahlias, and hydrangeas. It appeals for its nostalgic charm and romantic feel.

  • Modern and Minimalistic: Focusing on simplicity and clean lines, this style might feature monochromatic schemes or bold, contrasting colours with structured arrangements. It’s popular for its sleek, contemporary look.

  • Bohemian and Eclectic: This free-spirited theme includes a mix of vibrant colours and varied textures, often combining unexpected floral elements. It’s chosen for its individualistic and artistic flair.

  • Tuscan-Inspired: Evoking the warmth and charm of the Tuscan countryside, this theme includes sunflowers, olive branches, and lush greenery, often with terracotta and warm tones. It’s a favourite for its rustic elegance and Mediterranean feel, transporting guests to the heart of Italy’s scenic landscapes.


Each of these themes offers a unique way to express the couple’s style and to create a memorable and personalised atmosphere on their special day.

How much do wedding flowers cost in the Hunter Valley?

The wedding flower packages that we sell will typically start at $5,000 inc gst to cover the essentials required for a wedding with up to maybe 50 people.  Determining the actual cost of wedding flowers in the Hunter Valley, as in any region, is not a straightforward task due to the myriad of factors that influence the final price. 

It’s important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all price tag for wedding flowers; instead, the cost varies greatly depending on several key elements:

  1. Individual Preferences and Scale: Every wedding is unique, with different floral needs. Some couples might prefer a lavish display of blooms at every turn, while others opt for minimalistic touches. The scale of floral decorations – from bouquets to table centrepieces, aisle decorations, and floral arches – significantly affects the cost.

  2. Seasonal Availability: The choice of flowers can impact the budget, especially considering their seasonal availability. Some flowers may be more expensive during certain times of the year, or there might be additional costs for sourcing out-of-season blooms.

  3. Type of Flowers: The variety of flowers chosen also plays a crucial role in cost determination. Exotic or rare flowers typically cost more than those locally available or in season.

  4. Complexity of Arrangements: Intricate and elaborate floral designs require more time and skill to create, which can increase the overall cost. Simpler arrangements might be more budget-friendly.

  5. Volume Required: The quantity of flowers needed – for instance, for a large bridal party or a venue with substantial space to decorate – will naturally influence the total expense.


Given these variables, it’s highly beneficial for couples to develop a clear outline or brief of their floral vision. This plan should include their preferred style, colour scheme, types of arrangements needed, and any specific flowers they desire. With this information, a florist can provide a more accurate estimate of costs.

It’s advisable for couples to be open with their florist about their available budget. A skilled floral designer can suggest alternatives, such as seasonal flowers that can achieve a similar look that then costs less money, or creative ways to use flowers effectively to make an impact while staying within budget. The benefit of working with a floral designer is they can come up with creative ways to make beautiful flower arrangements suit your needs.

So while there is no fixed cost for wedding flowers in the Hunter Valley, thoughtful planning and clear communication with your florist can help you outline your floral needs and understand the potential expenses involved. This approach enables each bride to tailor their floral arrangements to both their personal style and budgetary requirements.

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